Should You Take Your DWI Case To Trial?

Everyone accused of a crime has the right to a trial before a judge or a jury of their peers. Trials take time and cost money, however, so it's pretty common for defendants to take plea deals to save both. If you're trying to decide whether to take what the prosecutor is offering or to roll the dice with a trial, here are two things to consider. What are the Potential Penalties If Convicted? [Read More]

Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters To Minimize Payouts

If you are pursuing an injury claim, you should know that the adjuster (insurance representative) will do anything possible to minimize or even decline your claim. This makes sense since the adjuster's duty is to minimize expenses for their company. Below are some of the tactics these adjusters use in their line of duty. Video Surveillance Some insurance adjusters conduct video surveillance of injury victims. They then use the surveillance footage as evidence to prove that the victim is not as injured as they claim or is not even injured at all. [Read More]

If You're A Parent, You Should Still Be Able To Do These Things Under House Arrest

Legal trouble can especially be a concern, as you may be worried about what might happen to your children should you be sentenced to jail. Fortunately, the right criminal defense attorney will work hard on your behalf to keep you out of jail — but you may be looking at a different sentencing outcome. House arrest is something that many people face, and while it has its limitations, it also has some benefits. [Read More]

The 411 on Plea Bargains

If you have recently committed a crime, you may need to do some time. However, there are instances where you can plead down your charge, reducing penalties and time you may need to spend in jail or under house arrest. Known as a plea bargain, making this agreement can be beneficial or problematic depending on your specific situations. Of course, an estimated 90 percent of criminal cases are disposed of using a plea bargain of some sort. [Read More]